In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compationate

Bismi-Allah ar-rahman ar-rahim wa bihi nasta`in

Dear Brother or Sister in Islam,

As-salam 'aleykum wa rahmatu-Allah,

Welcome to this humble page dedicated to the 'ilm and 'ilm lovers. The aim of the page is to contribute to unveil some aspects of our Din that have been unfortunately forgotten by the majority of Muslims today.

About 'ilm and those who love 'ilm
It is reported that Rasul Allah Salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam said: "This dunya is confounded and everything in it is confounded beside a 'alim, a student of 'lm and those who love them" or as he said Salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa Sallam.

The 'ilm has always been decreasing
The 'ilm of our Din is in continuous decrease and those who are quilified in it are passing away one after the other leaving behind them masses of muslims who do not know what the Din really is, nor from where/whom to learn their Din. Moreover, many muslims have raisen against the great ´ulema and their teachings, may Allah ta`ala guide them to the right way.

It is reported that Imam Malik radhiya-Allah `anh said: "The last of this ummah can not come up with something better than what the first of this ummah came up with"

Respect of the 'ulema
The sign of 'ulemas is that they practice what they teach and you will never find them busy with what does not concern them. They are always engaged with evreything that satisfies Allah ta`ala no more. Always giving the amana to new generations of `ulemas, students of `ilm and other Muslims.

'ilm does not mean to know a lot of things, rather it is light that Allah ta`ala sends into the heart of the servant. This concept has been totaly forgoten by Muslims today. There is a huge difference between 'ilm and knowing a lot of information because a 'alim is the one who practices what he knows. It is not every one who knows a lot of things about our Din who can be considered as a 'lim.

It is reported that Imam Malik radiya-Allah `anh said: "The `ilm is does not consist in reporting a lot, rather it is a light that Allah in the heart of a servant"

Let There Be Light
Here you can find some free e-books and other ' useful information that you can read and send to whom you wish. The aim is not to study on your own, rather it is to taste the sweetness of the 'ilm. Then you may --inshalah-- realise the value of the treasures that modern Muslims have abandoned, and begin a jurney of a ´ilm seeker inshalah.

It is very valuable to travel to distant places in order to study with traditional scholars of the Din. The areas that will most probably still contain large numbers of scholars of the Din until the end of the world will be:

a) Damascus in Syria and surrounding regions
b) Hadramaut in Yemen and surrounding regions
c) Northwest Africa (Northern Mauritania and Southern and Central Morocco)
d) Makkah and Madinah in the Arabian Peninsula

Some good practicing scholars will be present in other places of the world until the Last Hour. To find them, one needs only become sincere in one's search for them. I believe that you are close to that goal as this pages will help you find about some Institutes that teach the traditional ' ilm in the West.

However, if you cannot find scholars in your area, then you can refer to texts such as the Guiding Helper (Maliki fiqh), the Reliance of the Traveller (Shafi`i fiqh), The Endless Bliss (Hanafi fiqh), send peace and blessing on the Prophet salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam, and ask Allah ta`ala for guidance "and Allah is sufficient as a guide".

May Allah ta`ala reward sayidina Mohammad salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam with what he deserves

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