`ilm E-books

Bismi-Allah ar-rahman ar-rahim wa bihi nasta`in

The Following e-books are currently available

A Rational Proof of the Existence of Allah
As a muslims it is enough to sincerely believe in the existence of Allah ta`ala. It is evident for that He exists and most of us do not need such a rational proof. However, this e-book is very useful when it comes to debate with persons from other faiths.

The Three Parts Our Din
This e-books explains briefly the three part of our Din; Islam, Iman and Ihsan. In addition to that nineteen points of belief are explained.

The Right Way (The Path to Allah, Ihsan)
This e-books explains the way to reach the Ihsan state (perfection in worship or state of witnessing Allah ta`ala with the heart). It includes two parts. The first is related to emtying out the heart from bad character and habits and the second is about decking out with the good charcter and habits. The book is based on the Risalat of Qusheiry which was summirized bi Ibn `Ashir and resummirized in the Guiding Helper. May Allah ta`ala help is with verything good.

The Fiqh of fasting
This e-books explains reviews the most important rulings on fasting according to the Maliki school of jurisprudence.

More e-books will be available inshalah. These e-books are based on the The Guiding Helper a reliable source on the Maliki fiqh.