Bismi-Allah ar-rahman ar-rahim wa bihi nasta`in

Healing by the recognition of the Rights of
the Chosen One salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam

By Al-Qadi `iadh ibn Musa Al-Yahsubi As-Sabti Al-Maliki
English translation by Lalla Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley

It is related that a woman said to `A´isha, "Show me the grave of the Messenger of Allah" She showed it to her and the woman wept until she died. Such was the love of the early muslims to the Messenger of Allah salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam.

Allahumma salli `ala sayidina Muhammad `abdika wa rasulika an-nabiy
al ´umiy wa `ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim

Ashifa´ was the second most spread book in the muslim world. As the title indicates, the way to healing goes through the recognition of the rights of the Messenger of Allah salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam and by following him and emulating his behaviour (i.e. following his sunna) salla-Allah ´aleyhi wa sallam .

Although, the book was written in Morroco it was spread arround the whole muslim world. The `ulemas and Imams in the whole muslim world were used to be teach the book in to the masses in most of the mosques intil quite recently. It is reported that the wages of the `ulema responssible for teaching ash-shifa´ were higher than the wages of other `ulema who taught other books. This is shows the great honour given to the content of the book, which deals with the rights of our beloved guide and master salla-Allahu `aleyhi wa sallam.

The book definitely desearves its title and you will surely agree with me after reading some parts of it. You will feel your heart healling throught just reading the book. I wish you a nice reading and 'may Allah illuminate my heart and your heart with the lights of certainty! May He show you and me the kindness which He bestowed' on His sincere servants. Amin.

  1. Preface of Qadi `Iad
  2. Chapter II On the necessity to love the Prophet, salla-Allahu `alehi wa sallam

    May Allah reward sayidina Muhammad
    salla-Allahu `alehi wa sallam with what he deserves