BismiAllah ar-rahman ar-rahim wa bihi nasta`in

These are few links to reliable resources related to `ilm in general.

Fiqh e-mail groups:

The following are the some of the most reliable e-groups on the web. The moderators are either a Scholar or students of sackred knowledge who have close contact with recognized scholars.

Books on line:

Projects and Foundations:

  • Al-Muhaddith is a search program aiming at 'Transferring as much as possible of the main Islamic references to the electronic media and facilitating their browsing and searching on that media'.

  • Tazkiya Project is a web based library aiming at facilitating the spread of knowledge among Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. 

  • Nawawi Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in the state of Illinois (USA). Its main objective is to 'disseminate the knowledge of Islam and provide Islamic guidance for Muslims in the West'.

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Reliable homepages:

  • Masud Khan's Homepage: This is very reliable source about islam 

  • Aisha Bewley Homepage: Many ressources on traditional islamic knowledge in English 

  • Majmu` English translation of Shafi`i fiqh books


  • Other not yet found! Please send your suggestions to Ilmlover May Allah ta`ala reward you

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Buy books:

  • Ikitab

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